Performer5 – The Best Sexual Enhancer for Men


Performer5 CoupleMany Performer5 reviews seem to indicate that it is an effective product for men. This product is designed to boost men’s sex drive and increase the volume of their ejaculations. The manufacturer claims that the product can do extraordinary things such as:

  • rock hard, pulsating erections
  • ejaculation up to 5 times more than normal
  • ejaculate further and with more power
  • mind blowing intense orgasm that goes on and on

If this product could do this, then a lot of men would really benefit from it. The maker of this product says that they have been perfecting the formula for a long time. And now, this incredible product is ready to unleash its power to the men who will buy it.

Performer5 male enhancement is a potent and unique formula that is a product of years of painstaking research and scientific development. It is a male health supplement that can really make a difference to the sex life of men all over the world.

Why Men Need Performer5

Most men would like to have a better sex life, and so do their partners. Of course, a woman loves her partner, but she also might be disappointed with him sexually and would like to have a more exciting sex life. In this respect, there must be thousands of couples who suffer from every sort of problems because they cannot fully satisfy each other, intimately. And since the man is the traditional initiator of the sex act, he carries the heavier burden.

A man would naturally want to become the most virile lover to his partner and give her the satisfaction she wants in bed. But as it often happens, when the man performs poorly in bed, his woman misinterprets it and thinks that she’s not so desirable to him. She thinks that’s the reason why he was not able to complete the love act – no matter how beautiful and sexy she really is.

Thankfully, this situation can now be resolved with Performer5 pills.  This is the elixir that men need to help improve their sex game. By using Performer5, you will send your woman to high heavens every single night. Your amazing sexual prowess will astound her and she will ask for more – and you will have the strength and stamina to give it – as often as she wants.

What’s Inside a Performer5 Pill?

Performer5 ingredientsThe formula of Performer5 has never been seen before. It was designed with the highest standards and includes the free PenisHealth exercise program that will really change your sex life for the better.

This product combines some of the high quality ingredients. You will not find a similar combination of substances anywhere. Every pill supplies a massive 1,500 mg per serving – much more than their closest competitor. Performer5 pills contain all natural ingredients, safe and real. Since they are all-natural substances, your body will be able to absorb them quickly – and you will feel the effects faster than other brands.

One of its important ingredients is zinc. Why is zinc included? It is important because it plays an crucial role in your sexual health. This substance was found to help the sexual functioning of men because it raises the testosterone levels and increases the production of sperms. Here are some information about zinc’s ability to improve men’s sexual functions:

  • In a study of infertile men, when they were given zinc supplementation, for 4 to 8 weeks, their sperm production increased.
  • In clinical tests, laboratory rats fed with food lacking in zinc had their sperm producing organs shrink dramatically.

Performer5 reviews confirm that this product contains the right amount of zinc that will produce a dramatic change in the sexual functioning of men. But this is not the only beneficial substance that is present in the pill. It also contains Beta glucans (20%), DL malic acid, L arginine, Creatine monohydrate, and L glycine. All of these are natural ingredients, no fillers and no fake substances.

What You Get When You Buy Performer5

Every time you buy Performer5 you will be given a 180 day guarantee on the product. This is how confident the manufacturer is of Performer5. They are sure that you and your partner will be satisfied, to the point that they are willing to stake their money for it. No other product can give that kind of guarantee, despite the claims of some that this is part of the Performer5 scam. If you are not satisfied with this product, they will give you a full 100 % refund.

The product’s so effective and it comes with an excellent warranty that it’s really no wonder why there are so many positive Performer5 reviews.

Buy Performer5
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